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Sync your Hotmail Account on Mozilla Thunderbird 

Hotmail is the most convenient free web based email service which is popularly used in all over the world. It provides lots of useful and applicable features in it to the users to perform their mailing activities with ease. It is such a best way to communicate with your friends and relatives. With the help of high tech advanced features, you can easily send and receive emails and much more. When you have this email account and you not know much about this email service then you may also get useful measures by the Hotmail Contact support uk in terms of measures to resolve the issues. You can get the suitable solutions and measures to settle down the all issues which you face while accessing your email account.

There is also an option to sync this service on any web browser to directly access the email account. If you are using Mozilla Thunderbird, then you can sync your Hotmail account on it for the easy access. You just need to follow some measures by which you are able in the syncing process. By the help of using its POP interface, you can easily download messages from the Hotmail Account in the Mozilla Thunderbird as if it was a regular email account. In order to know about the syncing procedure, you may need to get connect with the tech support team. They will provide you suitable measures to perform this process. Hotmail Customer Care Uk 

Steps to sync Hotmail in Mozilla Thunderbird by using POP:

  1. · From the menu of Mozilla Thunderbird, you may select the Tools option and then select the Account settings. After that click on Add account.
  2. · Certify that the email is selected. Then click on Continue.
  3. · Enter your Name in the name text field.
  4. · Then type your Hotmail Address below the email address. Then click Continue.
  5. · Be sure that POP is selected under Select the type of Incoming server you are using.
  6. · Type below Incoming Server, and then click Continue.
  7. · Enter your full Hotmail Address below the option of Incoming username.
  8. · Type the full email address below the Outgoing username as well.
  9. · Click Continue, again click Continue and then click on Done.
  10. · Now go to the category of Server Settings of the email account after your Hotmail address.
  11. · Be sure that SSL is been selected under the Use Secure Connection. Verify that 995 are entered under Port.
  12. · Go to the SMTP in the server list. Click on Add.
  13. · Type Hotmail under the Description.
  14. · Enter below the Server Name.
  15. · Verify that the 25 is entered below the Port. If you run into problems sending mail, try 587 instead.
  16. · Be sure that your email address and password is been checked.
  17. · Type your full email address. Be sure that TLS is selected below Use Secure Connection. Then click OK.
  18. · Back to your root of Hotmail Account.
  19. · Make sure that the is selected below the SMTP>
  20. · Then finally click on OK.

After observing the above steps, you will easily sync your Hotmail address on Mozilla Thunderbird. If you are having any problem with these steps or you have any other problem with related to your email account then you can contact to the Hotmail Support number uk 0800 098 8424 to get the proper measures and instant help by the third part technical experts team. You will also get 24*7 help and support by the highly qualified and skilled technicians to settle down the all issues. For more extra details about us Hotmail Account Related Issues. Over Hotmail Customer Support Team Solve Your Problems in Few Minutes Contact us and  visit us over Blogs we

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